Photo Ornaments ~ Glass Ball Ornaments ~ Plastic Ball Ornament

Custom made by me :)
These ornaments vary in finish options.
Choose from Glass or shatter free plastic
(child friendly) for your bulb.
2"  full round or 3"flat round clear ornaments.
added a vinyl snowflake for an accent.

Ordering is done for 2012 on Dec 14th
so I can get them in the mail by 12/16/2012.
Feel free to bookmark me to order next year :)
I use seasonal glass or plastic ornaments from my local store
so quanities on hand will vary based on if I have been
able to restocked the ornaments.
Feel free to email to see if they are available.
My email is: lafrei.ct@gmail.com

Not just for Christmas!
Vintage pictures, school photos, wedding, birthday
groups or singles all make GREAT ornaments.
All you  need to do is scan them and email them to me.
Often photos on facebook will work also,
if they are already a good quality.

Keep this in mind when you want photo ornaments...
  • Subjects in your photo need to fit within a circle crop.
  • Images need to be sharp as possible.
  • I can:
    • drop out the background, layer in a holiday background. 
    • I can add a variety of text to the photos
      (year, name, location etc.)
  • Feel free to send me the photos before ordering to see if they will work.
  • Ornaments can be made with 1 or 2 photos,
    (same or different to view from both sides)
    with how I do these printed images are not transparent.
  • All my items are made in a clean smoke free environment. 
Before you purchase, please be aware  since these are not printed on photo paper (which can crack when curled) photos will have a different texture than a printed photograph, it may seem to may appear slightly grainy.  When printed on transparentcy or heavy vellum photos just don't have the same look as photo paper.  Also the proof image will look different on screen than printed, and when printing the sample the paper does make a difference.

Gallery of Ornaments - samples album:


Please take a minute to view the gallery.
The photos are not printed on "photo" paper
because it does not alow you to curl and insert it into the ornaments.
So the texture of the finished photo is different than a photograph is.
Make sure that your photo is as sharp as possible.

Ornament size options:
 67mm – 2.63 inches

Please protect your ornament from extreme temperatures.
Extreme heat can cause the color to change or curl in some situations.
As with most of your holiday ornaments these should be stored in tissue or bubble wrap in a proper storage box or carton.

Shipping within the USA is via USPS Priority.
Everywhere else is via USPS First Class Package for affordability.
If you wish to receive an exact shipping quote before you order please email me your zip code (USA shipping only).

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 Order from my Etsy store, or email me.


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